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Open Source Hardware:

  The combination of open source hardware and 3D-printing will be a game changer in the future.
Open source software has already shown good results: Linux, Android, LibreOffice, Firefox, ROS, etc.
The next big wave is to do the same for hardware. Some well known projects as Arduino and RepRap (3D printer) have already gained success.

Now let's do the same for robot hardware!

We have a lot of experience with 3D print and know how it can be used for robot tools.
By publishing simple robot tools as open source hardware, we hope to encourage more companies to 3D-print tools for their robots.

The combination of open source hardware and collaborative robots can help SMEs automate their production and be more productive.

Here you find more on how we use 3D printing for robotic equipment or you can go directly to the website with free tools.


FREE - a business model:

We do not just give away hardware without a purpose. We sell tool changers, but publish free information on open source hardware so customers can make their own tools.

Giving products and services to customers for free is a new business model.

Chris Anderson have given a good description of it in his book:
Free: The Future of a Radical Price

The book was first published on July 7, 2009 by Hyperion. The audio version is free!

Two other interesting books by Chris Andersen who was Editor in chief of Wired magazine: "Makers" and "The Long Tail"

Free Tools for Colaborative Robots:

We will publish CAD files and information on some simple tools for small collaborative robots.

Here you can find descriptions of the tools, CAD files and all the information you need to make your own tools for free.


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