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Latest news from 4TECH Robotics ApS and Kelvin Tool Changer.

Last update: January 16. 2023

Next chance to meet Kelvin Tool Changer 

We are often at exhibitions and other events organized by MADE, Teknologisk Institut and Odense Robotics.

This can be a welcome opportunity to meet in person.
Feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting.

Calendar: Events and meetings

Quick links to follow upcoming events in the Danish robot society:
DIRA - MADE - AM-LINE - Odense Robotics
Here are the events we will be attending in the near future:

Aalborg University
Fremtidens Modulære Fabrik
January 25. AAU Innovate, Aalborg

Odense Robotics
CEO Network meeting
February 1. Odense

Odense Robotics
European Robotics Forum 2023
Marts 14-16. Odense


4TECH Robotics ApS will be at the R22 exhibition in Odense

We have the pleasure to show the Kelvin Tool Changer together with the Meca500 robot from Mecademic

Peter B. Nielsen from NTO Automatiation will demonstrate this small, compact and super precise six-axis industrial robot.

Find us at boot 4221 in hall C at R22


MADE Open Lab in Odense:
"Sådan kan du realisere næsten umulige automatiserings-processer"

4TECH Robotics had the pleasure to show the Kelvin Tool Changer at the MADE Open-Lab event in Odense.

We could show the toolchanger working live with a JAKA robot from Robots - Cobots


Great event in Odense!
Two days with a lot of visitors at our small booth.
Allready looking forward to next ROBOT BRAG.


Kelvin Tool Changer in Science:

Fortiss in Munich have done some research on Plug & Produce systems and used the Kelvin Tool Changer in a work cell where all components were controlled via OPC UA.

The results was published in a scientific paper and a couple of videos from the project can be found on YouTube.

As a part of this project a OPC UA skill interface has programed for the Kelvin Tool Changer. These files are made public and can be downloaded from GitHub.

OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) is a standard for information exchange, which enables communication between machines, platforms, IT systems, cloud services, AI and more. It seamlessly brings together different units in one production plant. More information on Wikipedia

A Generic Plug & Produce System Composed
of Semantic OPC UA Skills
, pdf

YouTube #1 - Robot with tool changer
YouTube #2 - Simulation and programming
GitHub - OPC UA files for download


Kelvin Tool Changer at IBA Kolding:

IBA International Business Academy in Kolding now has a Kelvin Tool Changer on their UR5 robot.

Students at Productions Technology will now be able to explore the high flexibility that a tool changer brings.

Søren Schack Hansen and Henning Forbech at IBA


IBA students design new vacuum gripper

Three student at Productions Technology at Kolding Erhvervsakadami have just completed a project where they have designed a small vacuum gripper that works without pneumatics or electric power

In their semester project, they took on a challenge from 4TECH Robotics ApS and designed and built a gripper that could handle small items like a business card without the use of electric power or compressed air.

Henning Forbech with Filip Wulff, Lasse Hansen and Jørgen Kleist

See the demonstration of the proof-of-concept setup in this video


This simple and smart gripper demonstrate that robot tools can be designed to function only with the movement of the robot arm.


Odense Robotics

4TECH Robotics ApS is now member of the new Danish robot cluster, Odense Robotics


2 Robots sharing 4 Tools !

At SDU in Sønderborg Christian Petersson Nielsen is setting up two robots with Kelvin Tool Changers. As a part of his PhD on Matrix Production he will let the two robots share 4 tools.

One robot with a tool changer is a flexible tool. Two robots sharing four tools will be a really interesting project to follow.

The KUKA KR4 robot is fitted with an Adapter Flange and a Kelvin Tool Changer. Here it pick-up an RG2 gripper from the docking station.


MADE Open Lab:
Cobots - Fleksibel automation

4TECH Robotics had the pleasure to show the Kelvin Tool Changer at the MADE Open-Lab event in Odense.

More information from the talks and photos from the exhibition can be found at MADE:




3D-print and Robots:

At the first network meeting, which was held at the Danish technological Institute in Aarhus on 20 August, 4TECH Robotics had the pleasure of speaking about our use of 3D printing for making tools for robot.

This Industry Interest Group is a part of the AM-LINE 2.0


RoboCluster collaboration project

A tool changer can make a robot very flexible.
This was studied in a RoboCluster project during last year.
A UR5 robot with a Kelvin Tool Changer was installed and tested with the flexible production line at Smart Lab, Aalborg University.

The results of this project was presented Monday 9th March at the Smart Lab, Aalborg University

RoboCluster collaboration projects address challenges and seek solutions in close collaboration between industry, universities and Danish Research and Technology Organisations.
The collaboration project: "Robotten som modul i fremtidens fabrik" started back in January 2019

Robotter bliver plug and play ressourcer i fremtidens fabrik

See the mention of the event on RoboCluster's website (in Danish)


Case Story and video

Danish Technological Institute is running a case story on 4TECH Robotics and Kelvin Tool Changer:

"3D printed tool changer should make collaborative robots more efficient" (Danish version)

Danish Technological Institute even shot a video with Henning Forbech at SGM Light


No, this is not Santa's workshop !

It is the workshop at 4TECH Robotics !


First customer !!!

4TECH Robotics Aps welcomes the first customer to Kelvin Tool Changer

fortiss in Munich, Germany, now have the Kelvin Tool Changer on a UR5 robot

Visit their homepage here:
fortiss • Landesforschungsinstitut des Freistaats Bayern
An-Institut Technische Universität München


Kelvin Tool Changer was also at HI Tech & Industry Scandinavia 2019


At DanRobotics A/S the tool changer was demonstrated in action with a bin picker robot.

Components from sub-contractors are typically delivered disorganized in boxes. Picking up these items and feed them into robots in an assembly line is often the first big hurtle in automatizing a production.

With a 3D scanner this bin-picker can single out part in the box and pick them up with a robot arm.

Some parts are best suited to be picked with a suction cup, others with a gripper.
Here the Kelvin Tool Changer gives the bin-picker the ability to change between different tools.

This give a bin-picker unit the capacity to pick out a big variety of parts.

At HI Tech & Industry Scandinavia 2019, 4TECH Robotics also had some of its products on display at Danish Technological Institute

3D print:

Most of the parts for the Kelvin Tool Changer is 3D printed by Danish Technological Institute and they had the tool changer on display together with a parallel gripper.

Our latest product, an adapter flange for robots, was also shown as an example of a product 3D printed in aluminum.

People, who visit Danish Technological Institute in Herning, had a chance to try a small 3D printed torque limiter. Many even got a torque limiter as a free sample.

This tool was actually designed by 4TECH as a tool for mounting the Kelvin Tool Changer.

If you were not one of the lucky to get a torque limiter in Herning you still have a chance to get your own torque limiter. Just by a Kelvin Tool Changer and you will find a torque limiter in the packet.


The robot as a module in the factory of the future:

Kick Off meeting at the RoboCluster project:
"Robotten som modul i fremtidens fabrik"



Bin Picking theme day at DanRobotics:

4TECH Robotics had the chance to demonstrate the Kelvin Tool Changer live at the Bin Picking theme day at DanRobotics

The tool changer was here installed on a robot from ABB

More info on the Bin Picking theme day

Kelvin Tool Changer is testing with a new bin-picker at DanRobotics A/S in Middelfart, Denmark


Four months at the assembly line:

Summer 2019: Kelvin Tool Changer has now been used at the production for more than six months at SGM Light in Aarhus, Denmark

SGM use a UR5 robot for assembling front panels for their spotlights

The tool changer was first only intended for switching between dispensing glue and sealing, but now the robot also mount glass sheets in the frames


More info on the robot setup at SGM Light


Smart LAB:

A Kelvin Tool Changer is installed on an UR3e robot at Smart Production Lab, Aalborg University.
Smart LAB is the leading Danish research center on Industry 4.0

4TECH Robotics participates together with AAU Smart LAB and SDU in the RoboCluster project:
"Robotten som modul i fremtidens fabrik"


Kelvin Tool Changer at Smart Production Lab, Aalborg University


Ready for first test in production setup

January 2019 Kelvin Tool Changer will start the first test in a production setup.
The tool exchanger will be used to optimize dispensing different types of glue for parts in a serial production.

Glue dispencer parked in the docking station

Teknologisk Institut, Aarhus


More information on the MADE Demonstration Project


New Year 2018


At the StartUp Walk-In in Odense April 12 the name and logo was reveal for the first time

    Started on "Digital Growth Path"
- an accelerator program for startups at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

The new batch of startups Spring 2018

Pitching for the Robot Union jury in San Sebastian, Spain

RobotUnion Jury Day at San Sebastian, Spain. Video from the event

All the Go Grow teams at Demo Day

The Kelvin Tool Changer project got a award from Nordic Alpha Partners

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