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  Mission statement by Henning Forbech, 4TECH Robotics ApS.  

4TECH Robotics ApS:

Henning Forbech  
Our mission is to make small collaborative robots more profitable by making them even more flexible.

By giving small robots the ability to automatically change tools, we will help companies match the future demand for custom-made products produced in small batches.

By designing the Kelvin Tool Changer specific for collaborative use we aim to increase the use of small robots in close integration with human operators.

We want to make the cobot a real "Swiss Army Knife" for automation in the future.

4TECH Adapter Flange:

With the 4TECH Adapter Flange, it is our intention to make it possible to use tools designed for Universal Robots on all brands of robots

4TECH Adapter flanges for heavy duty, are made from aluminum, lightweight adapters from polyamide (Nylon).

Our series of adapter flanges make it possible to use Kelvin Tool Changer on all small robots.

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