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3D Print:

  3D printing is a relatively new way of manufacturing key components for robots.
This new technology offers some attractive ways to build compact and lightweight components in strong materials.

By combining built-in steel parts with a unique coupling design, the Kelvin Tool Changer is both strong and precise.

We've gone all the way!
The core parts of the tool changer can only be manufactured by 3D printing.

We also use the know-how on 3D printing to manufacture adapter flanges and simple low-cost tools for collaboration robots.

3D Printed Tool Changer:

The housing in the Kelvin Tool Changer is 3D-printed in polyamide, but all contact points in the coupling are based on steel parts.

When a tool is connected to the robot arm, all contact points inside the tool changer are steel-to-steel contacts. The 3D printed housing is only for keeping the steel parts in position.

The unique and patented 3 point connecting system ensure that a tool always returns in exactly the same position.

The Kelvin Tool Changer has an extremely high repeatability.

Adapter Flanges:

To fit the Kelvin Tool Changer to other robots, we have a series of smart adapter flanges.

Not only do these flanges fit the tool changer to different robot tool flange, but they also have a built-in socket and cable for connecting the tool changer to the robot controller

3D Printed Tools:

To help SMEs start using 3D printing to make tools for collaborative robots, we are releasing the design some simple tools for robots.

These tools are mainly for inspiration, but can also be used as they are.

The tools are published as Open Source Hardware.





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