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Free Tools:

  To help companies start using 3D printed tools for robots, we have designed a line of simple tools. These tools are typically based on a 3D printed housing and some standard components.

The tools are not optimized for any specific task. They are more for inspiration and to help engineers start designing their own tools. The design is free and the tools can easily be modified to meet your needs.

On this website you can find descriptions of the tools, CAD files and all the information you need to make your own tool for free.

Torque Limiting Screwdriver:

A torque-limiting screwdriver that prevents over-tightening of screws.

Two 3D printed parts and a standard tool bit is all you need to make you own torque limiter.

More info, free CAD-files and a video about the Torque Limiter is available here

Two Finger Gripper:

A simple pneumatic gripper based on a traditional two finger gripper.

With a simple 3D printed housing you can turn a classic two finger gripper into a nice collaborative gripper.

More info, free CAD-files and a video about the Two Finger Gripper is available here

Vacuum Gripper:

A nice looking 3D printed housing can make your vacuum gripper look like a million.

This 3D printed "trompet" contain an ejector vacuum generator and hold a suction cup.
Simple and beautiful - and very cheap!

More info, free CAD-files and a video about the Vacuum Gripper.

Pen Plotter Tool:

Put a marker on your robot and you have king size printer.

A simple 3D printed housing and a pen and you have a plotter. Super cheap and good for teaching new users to program your robot

More info, free CAD-files and a video about the Pen Plotter Tool is available here

Magnetic Gripper:

A small solonoide magnet build into a 3D printed housing and you have a magnetic gripper

Build in detector, LED indicators and even LED spotlight.
Simple, nice and fanzy

More info, free CAD-files and a video about the Magnetic Gripper

More Tools:

We have more free tools in the pipeline !

We are always working on new 3D-printed tools for collaborative robots.

It is our intension to publish information, videos and CAD-files for our free Open Source Hardware on this website.

You are welcome to follow us on LinkedIN where we also will publish information on new free tools for cobots.

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