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  You are always welcome to contact us for an interview or more background information on the Kelvin Tool Changer

Here you can download pictures of Kelvin tool changers, adapter plates, logos and people.

Photos have been Photoshopped, but can also be found in raw versions.

You will also find videos published by 4TECH Robotics ApS

Tool Changer:

  Photos of the Kelvin Tool Changer
Solo Open 472x300 jpg
Solo Open 1500x953 jpg

Delta Fri 383x300 jpg
Delta Fri 3818x2987 jpg

More image files

4TECH Adapter Plate:

  Photos of the 4TECH Adapter Plates
KUKA 1 3264x4138 jpg
KUKA 2 2296x2618 jpg
Kelvin Adapter Alu 4173x2503 jpg
Kelvin Adapter Alu 4173x2503 jpg
Eva 3000x2148 jpg

More image files


  Logos for Kelvin Tool Changer and 4TECH Robotics ApS in different configurations and sizes
  Kelvin 200x82 png

Kelvin 500x207 png
Kelvin 1000x414 png

Kelvin 2000x828 png
  KelvinLogoTxt 200x105 png

KelvinLogoTxt 500x200 png
KelvinLogoTxt 1000x524 png

KelvinLogoTxt 2000x1048 png
  4TECH 200x31 png

4TECH 500x79 png
4TECH 1000x157 png

4TECH 2000x315 png


  Here you find some photos of Henning Forbech. Inventor of Kelvin Tool Changer and founder of 4TECH Robotics ApS
    HF UR HF UR 200x231 jpg
HF UR 1000x1183 png

HF Robot 297x270 png
HF Robot 1350x1080 png
HF UR 2000x1459 jpg
HF Robot    
    HF SGM  
HF SGM 420x343 jpg
HF SGM 1460x808 jpg
HF SmartLAB 1748x2736 jpg

RAW image files
HF SmartLAB    



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