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Smart Adapter Flanges:

  Kelvin Tool Changer and Adapter Plate by 4TECH Robotics ApS
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4TECH Adapter Flange:


The smart adapter flange was designed to fit the tool changer on robots with a tool flange different from Universal Robots tool flange.

UR tools on all robots:
With an adapter flange any industrial robot can now use all the smart tools designed for UR-robots.

The smart adapter solves the size problem and the build-in electrical connector makes it easy to attach the tool to the robot controller.

The adapter flanges are 3D-printed. This allows to the socket and cable for the electrical connecter to be built into the body of the adapter.

The smart adapter flanges are printed in glass fiber reinforced poly aramid (Nylon). This is strong enough for adapters used with the Kelvin Tool Changer.

If the smart adapter flange is used to mount tools designed for UR robots on small industrial robots we recommend using the aluminum version of the smart adapter flange.

This adapter is 3D-printed on a metal printer. This gives a high degree of freedom in the design and this adapter is optimized for a low weight and high strength.

Upgrading a KUKA robot
to accept UR tools

Variants for different robots:

Many small industrial robots from ABB, KUKA and Fanuc have a smaller tool flange as the robots from Universal Robots.

This "ABB-2-UR" adapter flange makes it possible to use the Kelvin Tool Changer on these robots.


The EVA from Automata have a tool flange different from the UR tool flange.
This "EVA-2-UR" adapter flange solves the problem and makes it easy to use the Kelvin Tool Changer on the EVA robot.
The Yaskawa HC10 have a tool flange that is bigger than the Universal Robots flange.

This "Yaskawa-2-UR" adapter flange reduce the flange size and have a build in socket and cable for the Kelvin Tool Changer.
UR-2-UR adapter for Omron TM5:
The robots from Omron TM5 series come with a build in camera.
To prevent this camera from colliding with the docking station we have designed an extension adapter that set the tool changer free of the camera.

This UR-2-UR adapter also have the build in socket and cable to make it simple to connect to Kelvin Tool Changer or any other tool designed for UR robots.


Download 2D-drawings with specifications and more information for each adapter.
3D-CAD models are also available for visualization and simulations.

Cable with snap-in locking system:

All adapters come with a cable for connecting the end-effector to a tool connector on the robot arm or to connect it directly to the robot controller.

Cables on robot arms are always in risk of hanging on to something and then get pulled out of the connector or controller. The cable can also be a hazard for the operator if the robot is used as a collaborative robot.
  To prevent dangerous situations and to lower the risk of damage to cables all adapter plates is fitted with a snap-in locking system that can be pulled apart if something hangs on to the cable.

This snap-in locking system will most likely save you a lot of work and down-time when you use the robot. If the cable hangs on to something and gets pulled apart it is easy to reconnect the cable. No tools needed. Just push the snap-in cable back in place and you are ready to run again.

Cable Data:

620 Series
Snap-in IP67

Degree of protection: IP67
500+ mating cycles.
Snap-in locking system.

Extension Cable:
2 m cable with
female connector
DYI cable with female cable connector, solder version.

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