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Kelvin Tool Changer:

  The Kelvin Tool Changer can transform your collaborative robot into the flexible tool that will allow you to automated your high mix / low volume production.

With a tool changer, the robot can be programed to switch between tools for different jobs without time lost on reconfiguring the production line.

Small batch productions can be automated, and variations in products can be handled as efficiently as traditional serial production.
A robot with an automatic tool changer can help with multiple jobs at the same time without time lost on changing the production setup.

When one robot arm can perform multiple tasks at the same time, it is easier to find a business case with a short ROI.

This can be a great help in getting the first collaborative robots into traditional assembly lines.

Contact us for more information or get a quote on a tool changer.

Designed for collaborative use:

World first automatic tool changer designed for collaborative use on small robots.

Kelvin Tool Changer is the first tool changer designed to be used under conditions where the operator is working in close connection with the robot.

It has no sharp edges or hose connectors that could harm the user. Connections for power, signals and pneumatics are placed well away in the center of the tool changer.

Automatic and manual operation:

Designed for automatic AND manual operation!

All operations can be programed and done automatically by the robot. But the operator can always overrule the program and do tool change operation manually.

No power or pneumatics is needed for the shift operation.

The operation is only based on the movements of the robot arm. Just like changing the lens on a camera.

More Information:

Download CAD-files for the Kelvin Tool Changer. The 3D cad models can be used for designing solutions with the tool changer or they can be used for visualization or in simulation of a robot installation.

Technical Specifications for the tool changer.

We have a series of different adapter plates.


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