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Technical Specifications:

Here are some highlights from the technical specifications for the Kelvin Tool Changer.

More information and drawings can be found in the User Manual.
You can download it right here

General Design:

Kelvin Tool Changer is designed for small collaborative robots.

The body parts of the tool changer are 3D printed, but the unique coupling system gives the tool changer an extremely high repeatability.

The tool changer will fit on robots with a tool plate similar to Universal Robots (ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6).
The electric connector will also fit the tool socket on the UR robot arm.

Tools designed for the UR flange can be mounted on the Tool Plate.
The Tool Plate has the same socket for electric connection as you find on robots from UR.
(M8 8 pins, male, Lundberg RKMW 8-354)

General Specifications:

Low weight:
The total weight of the tool changer is only 240 grams in total.
155 g for the Master Plate and 85 g for the Tool Plate

Low building height:
The tool changer will only add 47 mm to the distance from the robot tool plate to the tool flange.

Load Capacity:
The tool changer is only designed for lightweight operations.
The three-point constraint in the coupler has a very high repeatability but will only be able to handle low torque loads in some directions. In the most critical direction, the tool changer cannot support a torque higher than 4 Nm at the connection inside the tool changer.
With a gripper, this will typically give a load capacity of 1 kg
See the User Manual for more information.

CAD files:

You can download the tool changer's CAD files for simulation and visualization.

The CAD files are made in SolidWorks, but other CAD formats are also available.

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