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  Feel free to contact us for a quote on the Kelvin Tool Changer or one of our Smart Adapter Flanges.

You are always welcome to contact 4TECH Robotics ApS to get more information for the Kelvin Tool Changer, Smart Adapter Flanges or our Free Tools.

Kelvin Tool Changer and our Smart Adapter Flanges are now also on #HowToRobot


Price Structure:

  The basic Kelvin Tool Changer set consist of a Master Plate (robot arm), two Tool Plates (tools) and two Docking Stations.

The tool changer comes with a free demonstration program for Universal Robots. This demo program is prepared for tools in 4 docking stations.

An upgrade with one additional tool (Tool Plate and Docking Station) only adds approx. 20% to the price of a basic set.

One extra Tool Plate for spare tools or tools that are manually mounted on the robot, will only add 13% to the price of the basic set.

If your robot arm do not have the same tool flange as the robots from Universal Robots, you may also need one of our adapter flanges.


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