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Torque Limiting Screwdriver:

  This unique screwdriver is from a series of simple tools for collaborative robots that have been made available under an Open Source Hardware license.

The tools are designed by 4TECH Robotics ApS and based on 3D-printed parts.

This and other tools for robots are published as a free design.
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  This is a torque-limiting screwdriver that prevents over-tightening of screws. Two 3D printed parts and a standard tool bit is all you need to make you own torque limiter.

This torque limiting screwdriver was developed for mounting the tool changer on the robot arm. The housing of the tool changer is in plastic and can easily be damaged by over tighten the screws.
This unique and simple key will prevent this.



The parts for the tool can be printed with text and logo. The text and logo can be made more visible by dyeing the parts and cutting off the top layer of plastic.

This video shows you how to improve the visibility of text and logos on 3D printed parts.
It also shows how to assamble the torque limiter.


Parts for the tool:

  Two 3D printed parts and a standard tool bit is all you need to make you own torque limiter.

You will need a tool bit for the screwdriver. The center part is designed for bits from Vera.

Maybe you will have to adjust the center part for the bit you plan to use for your tool.

The 3D-printed parts for this tool can be found at the 4TECH Robotics web shop at Shapeways.


If you plan to use another bit for you tool you may have to update the center part.

The torque limit for this tool is around 0.8 Nm.
You may reduce the torque by reducing the number of vanes or by reducing the length of the housing.

It will be difficult to get a higher torque.
The center part will not be strong enough to transfer the forces to the metal bit.

Download CAD-files.

Web Shop:

You can buy the 3D-printed parts for the Torque Limiter from 4TECH Robotics webshop at Shapeways

You will need both "Torque Limiting Screwdriver - Housing" and "Torque Limiting Scredriwer - Center"

This is only the 3D-printed plastic parts for the tool. You have to supply the other parts and to assemble the tool your self.

Feel free to contact for more information on the free tools.


Tool examples for inspiration: produces and sells an adjustable horse bit.
To prevent users from overtighten the small set screws,
they supply a torque-limiting screwdriver with the product.

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